PB Pub 1.9 Cheat Replace Weapon + Replace Beret

Cheat => Download Cheat
Password => Download Password

Featur :
  • Cheat replace To Just Effect(No Kill)
  • Full Wallhack Chams CT&Tero 18 Colour
  • Wallhack Clean ALl Map
  • Cheat Baret GAME MASTER\Baret Hitam Effect To ALl Weapon
  • Cheat SG Gila/SG edan bisa bren SG nya
  • Cheat AWP Edan juga
  • Cheat Crosshair Mini X
  • Cheat Fullhack (Cek Di Othe Hack)
  • Cheat Replace Character
Hotkey :

  • D3D menu : Insert
  • On = (->)
  • Off = (<-)
Tutorial :
  • Buka PB launc
  • Buka Cheat PB
  • Start PB
  • Auto Inject
  • Happy cheating buat malming

On Kan Dimana Saja Sesuka Hati Kamu! ! !Bebas

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